Sapatero Festival
Riverbanks Center

                    This festival shows the successful of making shoes in Marikina. The festival was started at 2002 under the leadership of their own Mayor Marides Fernando. It was started first on October 15 to November 30, 2002.  It was almost one month celebration because the primary aimed of this was to promote the local shoes here and also in abroad. 

                          This festival also wants to show the history of Marikina, their culture and economic progress and their industry for the past few years. The place for the festival is either in the Riverbanks Center or in the Marikina River Park. There was also an ordinance to change or rename the Sapatero Festival to "Sapatos Festival". The two councilors of Marikina, Wilfred Reyes and Victoriano Sabiniano Jr., passed this and the ordinance was approved by Mayor Marides Fernando. But not only was the festival’s name change. Some of the content or programs in the festival are change.

                          The changing of the name Sapatero to “Sapatos” is to promote and give a big impact to tourism and business.

Articled by:Arianne Nickole R. Santiago