Kapitan Moy as the central culture of Marikina City

                          Kapitan Moy was owned by Don Jose Guevara and Don Laureano "Kapitan Moy" Guevara. It is the ancestral house of Guevera Family who is well off that time. This ancestral house symbolizes feudalism that time an example for that was the thick and heavy walls on the first floor of the house.  Beside Kapitan Moy you can see a church named Our Lady of Abandoned Church. Kapitan Moy have a beautiful staircase, capiz windows, high and big doors, and a baluster.

                          In addition to that learning in year 1887, Kapitan Moy developed the first pair of shoes. And in year 1993 Former Mayor Bayani Fernando planned and approved that Kapitan Moy an ancestral house will be the central culture of Marikina City. From that year on Kapitan Moy became the central for culture. The upper part of Kapitan Moy was used for having events like parties, gatherings, conferences, graduation and many more. The upper part of Kapitan Moy is now used as an event center. The lower part of Kapitan Moy has cafe and bar named,
Café Kapitan and Piano Bar. And the lower part can also be use for having exhibits. If you are interested with the having events in Kapitan Moy just go there and ask for asistance.

Article by: Aleeza Danelle M. Balderama

Posted by: Aleeza Danelle M. Balderama