Marikina is known for being the shoe capital of the Philippines. That being said, people, especially the tourists might think that Marikina has nothing else to offer. Not true. Marikina has plenty of tourist spots that are in no way related with shoes.

          Among them is the World of Butterflies is dedicated to conserving butterflies and protecting the ecosystem. It has over 20 species of butterflies contained in a 2,000 -square-meter- area of gardens that are perfect homes for these beautiful creatures. Going to the W.O.B. might just be the perfect place to take the family. The W.O.B.  can raise awareness to the importance of nature and at the same time, you and the family  can enjoy the scenery of butterflies in a beautiful garden.

          There's nothing like a good old picnic in the park. In Marikina's very own river park, you can enjoy having a picnic and choose from the variety of activities for the family. The park has concrete jogging and bike lanes, skating rinks and benches and other recreational activities and facilities for you and your family to enjoy.

          Marikina is not only filled with recreational sites, but also filled with historical sites such as the
Jesus Dela Peña Chapel which is known as the chapel that marked the Christian faith of Marikina. Another is the Our Lady of the Abandoned parish, a parish that was canonically crowned on October 23, 2005 as the country's 23rd Marian Image. If you're interested in these things, you should definitely go there.
          Site seeing in Marikina City can really make a person hungry. You should definitely try the city's puto and pansit. They also have these small pandesals called Marikina that are very delicious when paired with the pansit and you will be able to eat them in very low prices.

         Well, there you have it. Marikina tourist spots that are not related to shoes. There are plenty of places that you can visit in Marikina, most of them are not mentioned in this blog. To know more about them, email us at If you know of some of Marikina's Secret places, email us so that we can share it with everyone.
                                                                                                  - article written by Diane Antonette C. Teves

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